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In this polluted world, we endorse healthy environment maintenance for the people to have clean atmosphere to live in. Honeysuckle Cottage provides the best of the landscape specialists. Our specialists help in creating and maintaining yards, lawns and other outdoor areas.
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Our specialists do so by planting flower beds, trimming trees and fertilizing lawns.
Unlike regular gardeners, we work with more professional approach to provide the best quality and outlook. Our employees are friendly and hold detailed knowledge and expertise in their field of work.

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Event Planning:

For people who want to hold parties at their place, outdoor event planning is an important. The event planning advisors can help in providing unique ideas for the best of the event management. We offer not only advisors but also a complete event management team to help you in setting best ever party.

Maintaining outlook

We offer maintenance services; these services are extended for all sorts of outdoor structure or features. Our professionals will not only maintain but adjust the outlook as per your taste.

Professional Workers

All of our employees are well-learned and own detailed knowledge and practice in their field of work. This allows them to add extreme finesse and creativity in their work. From maintaining the outlook of the residence, office or any other building to providing new creative ideas for enhancement according to weather or occasion.
How To Cut Down Electricity Consumption At Home?

How To Cut Down Electricity Consumption At Home?

After the mortgage, your electricity bills usually take up the highest proportion of your monthly expenses. Hence, reducing electricity consumption around the house would not only save you your pennies but also help you in contributing to the environment in the longer run. Below are a few tips to cut down on electricity consumption at home:

Initiate an electricity assessment

An audit carried out at home will assess how efficient your electricity usage already is. You could hire a professional 24 hour electrician adelaide for this task who could assess the areas that utilize most of the electricity while also highlighting the ones where electricity could be reduced. This is a good eye-opener if you are looking to cut down on your electricity consumption and would help you create awareness among your other family members to be conscious too. Sometimes, something’s as simple as turning off lights or appliances when you do not need them could help a lot as well.

Choose the right type of light bulbs

With new advancements surrounding us, LED bulbs have got to be the one that contributes most towards energy efficiency. Therefore, you could invest in replacing your traditional bulbs with LED’s which not only save up to 75% of your electricity but also last much longer than the incandescent bulbs.

Opt for a smart thermostat

Smart or programmable thermostats available in the markets can help in automatically turning off the heating or cooling devices when you are away or asleep. In this way, you could ensure maximum comfort for your homes while eliminating energy that could otherwise would just have been wasteful. You could easily invest in a model that would fit in your weekly schedule so that you do not have to reset it every time you step out of your home.

Unplug all the idle electronics

Electronics such as televisions, computers, scanners, printers, toasters, etc. consume standby power even when they are supposedly off. This is because some chargers continue to pull energy as long as they are plugged in. Therefore, it is best to just unplug such devices when they are not being used. Advanced power strips could also be used for this purpose so as to eliminate the mentioned problem by simply shutting down the power to such electronics when they are not being used.

Install dimmer switches

Investing in dimmer switches is another terrific way to cut down on your electric bills. A lot of people don’t even know that these dimmer switches are unique as they restart after every 120 seconds, and this is not even noticeable to the laymen. This effectively curbs the amount of energy that is needed and eventually helps in saving energy and money.

5 tips for beautifying a budget

5 tips for beautifying a budget

Landscaping on a budget should not involve accommodation for a scruffy looking courtyard. From plants to patios, from windows to water games, find out how to save money while designing an attractive site from the resources connected to the bottom.

Many homeowners are obsessed with weed control, and their obsession drives them to spend money unnecessarily on weed killers like crab killers. If they succeed in these weed-hunting witch hunts, the result is a monoculture. But experts, including Paul James of HGTV, advise us to accept a certain percentage of weeds in the lawn. Their argument is that lawns with a certain diversity remain healthier than meadows reduced to a monoculture.

This argument goes doubly when the herb in question is clover, as I note in my article on clover lawns. Clover is a nitrogen fixer, which shares this ability with other cover crops in the pea family. The clover will fertilize your lawn at no cost, freeing you from following a lawn fertilization program and saving money on chemical fertilizers.

Two questions might come up in your mind at this point:

  1. How can I reduce the size of my lawn? I don’t want to spray aggressive chemicals on the grass to kill it, because I want to be able to let my children and / or pets play in this area.
  2. After reducing the size of my lawn, what do I put in place of the grass? Will it not cost as much to maintain the area when something else is growing there?

In my complete article on how to get rid of the herb, I present a number of methods, with particular attention to staying away from chemical herbicides. Perhaps the most popular method at present is to lay down newspapers to kill the grass.

What you replace the grass depends largely on your personal preferences and circumstances. Those with Spartan tastes who live in a rural setting and are not interested in keeping up with the Joneses can simply lay the fabric out of the landscape and cover it with the cheapest mulch they can find. 

the decomposition process will be slowed, with the result of saving money that you will not have to replace the mulch by frequency. If you want to dress the area, there is no rule that tells you that you can’t install some port gardens there (like you would do in a patio).

How to embellish a balcony

How to embellish a balcony

The balcony of the house is often just a closet for brooms and cleaning objects or a place to hang out the laundry, but really with little money, the balcony can become a home environment to show and not only, a place to welcome the friends, or to carve out deserved relaxation.

For example we can use plants to recreate a garden or vegetable garden, furnish it with sofas as if it were a living room, insert a table and chairs to transform it into an outdoor dining room, change the lighting, the color of the walls, insert pillows and rugs.

These are some of the things that allow us to make a balcony more beautiful and do not necessarily need big budgets, but there are different DIY solutions.

How to embellish a balcony by creating a garden

The balcony can be transformed into a real botanical garden , where to expose the different species of plants to create a comfortable natural environment.

It is therefore necessary to choose the right plants with care, evaluating:

  • the available space,
  • the need for larger and larger vessels as plants grow,
  • the type of sun exposure,
  • the climate,
  • the necessary care including watering, fertilizing, pruning.

The general advice is to choose plants that do not fear the sun, especially when the balcony of an excellent exposure while, if the side on which the balcony is located is not exposed to the sun, then better to buy plants that can live even at shadow .

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