If you are thinking about holding a small business event it is important that you buy custom printed marquee. It is better to buy a marquee, then to rent one because you would be using it on a regular basis. A custom printed marquee makes a good impression on your prospective clients and audiences. Not only will they help your stall stand out in the crowd from other similar looking marquees but would also provide exposure to your brand image.

Designing tips for custom marquee

When it comes to designing a custom marquee it is important to keep a few things in mind. When selecting the logo to be imprinted it is important that the logo should be placed in the front and center of it. It is best to print it in bold and their font size the idea is to let your visitors notice the name of your business which would be displayed on the printed marquee. Using a large font would allow people to see you from far off and also create advertising for your brand.

When it comes to choosing or picking a color for your custom printed marquee you need to make sure that the logo of your business is visible on its base color. The obvious color of choice for any corporate event is usually white or black. Navy blue looks good as well but you can try experimenting with a few different colors. However you shouldn’t go overboard with very bold or bright colors for the market because they might not help you achieve the elegant look that you are looking for.

In order to get attention from the visitors at the corporate event you may want to use a short message in printed on the market to help visitors see your brand message. It should be short and sweet and nothing too lengthy. The key is to achieve a balance between your branding and advertising.

You can try to be creative when designing the custom logon. However it is not advisable to stick to something which is too bold or in your face. Even if you prefer the minimalistic look you shouldn’t go for something which might look boring. You can use a bit of creative license to beautify the marquee.

The most important step when you create customised branded marquees is to have a communication with your printer. You need to effectively communicate all the designing ideas that you have in mind. It is important that they follow through the design and first produce a soft copy to show you how things are going to look in print. Need to show a bit more involvement in the designing process. Keep in touch with the printer and the manufacturer of the marquee. If you do not like the design of the print which is reproduced on the soft copy you would always have the option of changing the phones are changing the logo altogether.