It is said that too much of everything is not good; but, would you change your perspective if it is something that gives you comfort, fame or fortune? Any form of luxury would be an obvious manifestation of narcissism, and an ostentatious display of wealth would attract more negative criticisms than positive impressions. But, that’s how other people celebrate their victory or success. Nevertheless, it’s not really a hundred percent that they are bragging or aiming to offend people with what they have — like owning a mansion located along a busy avenue in the middle of a metropolis.

Luxury builders can’t say no if a wealthy individual starts showing them a floor plan of a hundred storey high rise edifice and repeatedly discussing the initial preparations of an exclusive groundbreaking ceremony. Needless to say that the said real estate property would cost several millions of dollars plus another half or a quarter of it would be spent on introducing it formally to friends and colleagues of the same class.

Rich people can’t help but spend their money on almost anything that they want without expecting something in return. Their investments may seem like money spent for gambling— win or lose, life must go on. To give you helpful ideas of what luxury home builders would spend time constructing, consider the following examples:

A five-star hotel

The name again speaks for itself. Though some people never had experienced staying in one of the executive suites,  their imagination would be overwhelmed by the idea of how much is a one night stay? Then out of curiosity makes a follow-up question on what kind of food and drinks are served if you become a special guest. The person making the inquiry would probably not stop asking questions until he is told that a casino is built for people who like winning or losing a minimum of a hundred thousand dollars a night.

A rooftop swimming pool overlooking the city

If by chance you will be given an opportunity to take a dip on a pool reaching the skies, would you ask again for the price? Or better walk away without a sound and keep the question to yourself. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity when you are given the chance to mingle with people who eat with a golden spoon. Better yet, keep the joy and experience to yourself and start dreaming about beautiful things in life that are about to come. Never stop believing that you too can stand on your own feet and fly with your golden wings.

A helicopter pad in a condominium residence

These two are concrete and perfect examples of luxury. By denotation, a luxury would mean too much or so expensive, and there is really no need to have it. People with limited views about the lives of affluent people would regard or consider these properties as white elephants. But under the impression of wealthy people, these are considered as gifts of glory and as status symbols.

A residential pool with jacuzzi

These facilities and home amenities are truly treasured and cherished by very lucky and fortunate people. Using them is like celebrating their triumphs and overcoming obstacles in life. It’s like telling the world where they are now and what has happened to their lives.

A home library with a built-in cinema

Apart from learning and exploring new things in life, luxury builders build entertainment centres right in front of other people’s doorsteps.