The balcony of the house is often just a closet for brooms and cleaning objects or a place to hang out the laundry, but really with little money, the balcony can become a home environment to show and not only, a place to welcome the friends, or to carve out deserved relaxation.

For example we can use plants to recreate a garden or vegetable garden, furnish it with sofas as if it were a living room, insert a table and chairs to transform it into an outdoor dining room, change the lighting, the color of the walls, insert pillows and rugs.

These are some of the things that allow us to make a balcony more beautiful and do not necessarily need big budgets, but there are different DIY solutions.

How to embellish a balcony by creating a garden

The balcony can be transformed into a real botanical garden , where to expose the different species of plants to create a comfortable natural environment.

It is therefore necessary to choose the right plants with care, evaluating:

  • the available space,
  • the need for larger and larger vessels as plants grow,
  • the type of sun exposure,
  • the climate,
  • the necessary care including watering, fertilizing, pruning.

The general advice is to choose plants that do not fear the sun, especially when the balcony of an excellent exposure while, if the side on which the balcony is located is not exposed to the sun, then better to buy plants that can live even at shadow .